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Accounting and Audit
Accounting and Audit in Donetsk

Accounting for Donetsk, business, organizations, companies and enterprises. Audit of financial perevod4ikaccounting. Services Accountant. Statement and accounting, bookkeeping services: report to the tax take. Accounting Outsourcing Donetsk

In the field of accounting and auditing support specialists provide the following services in Donetsk and region:

• advice on taxation and book-keeping documents;

• audit of the financial activities of the enterprise;

• partial or complete accounting services business, the entrepreneur's activity, organizations, companies, enterprises, accounting outsourcing;

• the presence of an auditor during the audit of the company;

• appeal the unlawful decisions of tax authorities;

• representation in government, with a pension fund;

• protection of rights and representation in civil tax disputes, tax attorney;

• audit of the financial accounting statements of enterprises, organizations and companies;

• Monthly service accountant. Statement and accounting in Donetsk Ltd., CP, MAP, AP and others;

• Accounting Outsourcing Donetsk.

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