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Attorney at law, Advocate
Our migration center provides such services for foreigners in Donetsk:

emergency exit, legal assistance, legal counsel, attorney at law (tax, insurance, legal counsel for attorneyindonetskthe accident, property, inheritance, criminal matters, family matters, divorce, Housing Authority, the labor dispute, credit matters, land matters, probate, pension debate, consultation.

telephone consultations in accident (by appointment);

oral and written opinion on the case file;

• a lawyer present during interrogation, seizure, search;

• challenge decisions of public authorities, including protocols, regulations GAI;

appeal against the decision to impose an administrative penalty;

representation of clients in the organization, institutions and government agencies, including in the gai;

conflict resolution;

• representation by counsel in disputes with customs, immigration authorities;

tax controversies;

• legal services in Donetsk and other Ukrainian cities for the protection of property rights;

• disputes of honor, dignity and business reputation;

• representation and protection of the rights in court (legal counsel, attorney at law in Donetsk);

• making a claim for material damages and moral damages;

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