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Family Law
Property and child support. Marriage and divorce with a foreigner in Donetsk. Advocate for Family Affairs, Donetsk.

The main activity in the area of ​​Family Law:familylawdonetsk

• Preparation of documents for marriage with a foreigner in Donetsk

• The development of the text of the marriage contract;

• changes in the marriage contract;

• drafting of the contract between the parents for payment of child support;

• Preparation of applications for divorce;

• drafting pleadings, counsel on family matters, the divorce;

• legal advice;

Representation and protection of human rights in the courts:

- Divorce (divorce), including a foreigner.

- Division of property;

- alimony;

- Reducing the size of child support;

- Alimony to disabled spouse;

- Termination of parental rights;

- Exclusion of data from the acts of a record of birth;

- Recognition of the marriage contract is fully (partially) invalid;

- Determination of residence of the child;

- Removing obstacles in communication with the child and the child's upbringing;

- Annulment;

- Reducing the amount of maintenance;

- Renewal of marriage;

- Providing the right to marry;

- Establishment of paternity;

- Adopt, adoption, etc.

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